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Vepple’s online events system brings all virtual, live, on-demand talks and physical event sign-ups together in one place. The personalised experience means that users only see talks that are relevant to them based on their chosen preferences. Bringing the always-on experience alongside live events means that students are likely to stay longer in your experience, digesting always-on content after/before attending the event. One of our Vepple partners has an average session duration of 5 minutes 43 seconds and on average, users are visiting 4.4 pages per session. However, when this university runs digital events on the platform, the data changes quite dramatically. Their average session duration increases to 23 minutes 54 seconds but what’s more, users then visit 16.7 pages per session. A higher dwell time delivers better top and bottom-of-the-funnel impact and will lead to higher conversion.
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