Guided Tours

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Vepple’s Guided Tours feature leverages the foundational strengths of the Content Viewer to offer a rich, narrative-driven exploration of university campuses and facilities. Each tour starts with an introduction by a tour guide who sets the context, followed by a curated sequence of multimedia content including 360 panoramas, videos, and image galleries. This content is skilfully combined to deliver stories such as ‘A Day in the Life of a Chemistry Undergraduate’ or ‘Top Places to Visit for Cheap in the City’. Accompanied by an interactive map and detailed written explanations at each stop, these tours vividly recreate the vibe and atmosphere of being on campus. This storytelling approach not only showcases the university in a compelling format but also significantly boosts engagement, with universities reporting increases of +44% in engagement time per session and +111% in page views when delivering content through a Guided Tour on Vepple. This method is the best digital way to influence prospective students’ perceptions and encourage them to choose your university, providing an immersive experience that bridges the gap between virtual and physical visits.

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