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Vepple Core

At the heart of every one of our Virtual Experiences


per annum (ex VAT)

Subject personalisation
Subject personalisation on Vepple allows prospective students to tailor their experience to see only the most relevant content for their chosen subject area, effectively removing distractions from content aimed at other audiences. This targeted approach customises content, site structure, interaction points, and calls to action, streamlining the exploration process and making it easier for students to find the information they need. As a result, this personalised experience not only enhances student engagement but also makes them 3.6 times more likely to interact with the CTAs, boosting their decision-making confidence and increasing their likelihood of application and enrolment.
Content Viewer
The Content Viewer is central to all Vepple-powered experiences, offering a versatile platform that showcases a wide array of media including 360 panoramas, videos from YouTube or Vimeo, image galleries, and content from TikTok and Instagram. This integration ensures a seamless, fully responsive, and accessible user interface, allowing universities to present a diverse and rich visual narrative. Additionally, the viewer enriches the exploration experience with informational spots within 360 panoramas, providing detailed insights into campus facilities and activities. This comprehensive and balanced multimedia approach enhances prospective students' engagement, offering them a deeply immersive and informative exploration of university life.
Guided Tours
Vepple's Guided Tours feature leverages the foundational strengths of the Content Viewer to offer a rich, narrative-driven exploration of university campuses and facilities. Each tour starts with an introduction by a tour guide who sets the context, followed by a curated sequence of multimedia content including 360 panoramas, videos, and image galleries. This content is skilfully combined to deliver stories such as ‘A Day in the Life of a Chemistry Undergraduate’ or ‘Top Places to Visit for Cheap in the City’. Accompanied by an interactive map and detailed written explanations at each stop, these tours vividly recreate the vibe and atmosphere of being on campus. This storytelling approach not only showcases the university in a compelling format but also significantly boosts engagement, with universities reporting increases of +44% in engagement time per session and +111% in page views when delivering content through a Guided Tour on Vepple. This method is the best digital way to influence prospective students’ perceptions and encourage them to choose your university, providing an immersive experience that bridges the gap between virtual and physical visits.
Ambassador-led content
Vepple’s Ambassador-led content integrates the genuine voices of current students into the virtual experience, enhancing guided tours with Student Ambassador bubbles. These ambassadors narrate the content of your tours, bringing the campus and its facilities to life by sharing their personal, firsthand experiences. Whether they’re detailing their academic journeys or the reasons behind their affection for the university, these human stories foster a lasting impression. This approach allows prospective students to feel a real emotional connection to the university, greatly influencing their decision-making process. By incorporating these authentic narratives into the digital exploration, Vepple ensures that the virtual experience not only conveys information but also resonates deeply, highlighting the vibrant community and student life that defines your institution.
Social Media Integrations
Vepple’s social media spots enhance the virtual tour experience by integrating TikTok and Instagram posts directly into the platform, allowing universities to showcase authentic, user-generated content that depicts real student life and local attractions. This feature not only enriches the virtual experience with relatable and vibrant narratives but also eases the content creation burden for universities. By leveraging existing social media content, Vepple enables prospective students to immerse themselves in genuine stories and insights, encouraging them to spend more time exploring the university virtually. This approach deepens student engagement, maximizes resource efficiency, and fosters a strong emotional connection to the institution, making it an effective tool for attracting prospective students.
User Checklists
Vepple's checklist feature serves as a strategic tool to guide prospective students through essential actions, both on and off the platform. By enabling universities to track the progress of specific segments using custom filters, this feature facilitates a deeper understanding of student behaviours and intentions. It effectively encourages students to complete key steps such as attending in-person events, applying to the university, or accepting an offer as their firm choice. This not only helps universities gauge and increase student engagement and commitment but also provides valuable insights into the effectiveness of their outreach efforts. Overall, Vepple’s checklist feature is instrumental in nurturing prospective students along their journey, enhancing the likelihood of their transition from interested candidates to enrolled students.
Chat Integrations
Vepple's Chat Integrations feature enhances the virtual experience by seamlessly integrating with all major peer-to-peer chat platforms, including UniBuddy and The Ambassador Platform (TAP). This capability allows prospective students to engage directly with your ambassadors, facilitating a genuine dialogue within the virtual environment itself. By leveraging systems you already use, Vepple enables you to incorporate the student voice into your virtual tours and content areas effortlessly. Prospective applicants can hear firsthand about the exceptional aspects of your university from those who know it best—current students—without the need to navigate away from the Vepple platform. This direct communication enriches the virtual experience, providing a more personal and impactful interaction that can significantly influence a prospective student's decision-making process.
Flexible branding
Vepple's flexible branding feature allows universities to white label the virtual experience platform, ensuring it aligns perfectly with their own brand identity. This capability enables institutions to customise the look and feel of the platform, from colour schemes and logos to fonts and user interface elements, making the virtual tour seem like a seamless extension of their existing digital presence. By integrating their distinct visual branding, universities can enhance the user experience, fostering a stronger sense of familiarity and trust among prospective students. This personalised branding approach not only strengthens the institution's brand consistency across platforms but also deepens the connection potential students feel with the university, contributing to a more engaging and persuasive virtual visit experience.

(If you want)

Optional Modules

Explore by Map


per annum (ex VAT)

Vepple’s Explore by Map feature means that content can be browsed geographically and when personalisation filters are applied, only the most relevant and helpful content is displayed. This gives students a better sense of space and place and how they might navigate campus at an open day, or when they arrive to study. On mobile devices with GPS, students can see their current location alongside relevant content that’s nearby making it much simpler to find their way around easily.

Events System


per annum (ex VAT)

Vepple’s online events system brings all virtual, live, on-demand talks and physical event sign-ups together in one place. The personalised experience means that users only see talks that are relevant to them based on their chosen preferences. Bringing the always-on experience alongside live events means that students are likely to stay longer in your experience, digesting always-on content after/before attending the event. One of our Vepple partners has an average session duration of 5 minutes 43 seconds and on average, users are visiting 4.4 pages per session. However, when this university runs digital events on the platform, the data changes quite dramatically. Their average session duration increases to 23 minutes 54 seconds but what's more, users then visit 16.7 pages per session. A higher dwell time delivers better top and bottom-of-the-funnel impact and will lead to higher conversion.

Audience Personalisation


per annum (ex VAT)

Audience Personalisation allows prospective applicants to tailor their experience beyond their subject of interest to see the most relevant content for them. Depending on which audiences you need to engage with, this could be students interested in a particular level of study, international students, parents/carers or it could even be used as a central hub to direct applicants or offer holders to through a deep link. By segmenting in this way, you’re able to better understand the needs of each audience from the engagement analytics as the data will be so much more detailed and specific than an unfiltered experience.

Lead Capture


per annum (ex VAT)

Vepple is a powerful tool for lead capture. By choosing to restrict access to some or all of your experience, students are required to share at least their email address in order to view content. This means you have the opportunity to capture leads through your virtual experience giving you additional data in which to convert through CRM activity. The flexibility of the form allows you to only capture the leads you want the most so if for example, international leads are important to you then you can set up the form to capture only the data of students who select that they are an international student. On a subject level, if engineering is a subject you’re keen to recruit for, then you can set up the form to only appear for students selecting engineering from the course drop down.

5x Guided Tour Embeds


per annum (ex VAT)

Utilise the full-power of Vepple's Guided Tour functionality on your own website including interactive maps, narration, ambassador-led content and content spots.

100x Group Embeds


per annum (ex VAT)

Efficiently and easily showcase your facilities by embedding Vepple-hosted 360 panoramas on your website in neat, topic-based groups.

Vepple functionality embedded on your website

Looking to harness the engaging and responsive interactivity of Vepple without committing to a full personalised virtual experience? Our suite of standalone embeds for Guided Tours and 360 groups offers the perfect solution.

Ideal for universities wanting to enhance their websites with dynamic, immersive content, these embeds bring your campus to life, making it accessible to prospective students wherever they are.

Guided Tour Embeds

Utilise the full-power of Vepple’s Guided Tour functionality on your own website including interactive maps, narration, ambassador-led content and content spots.
Number of toursPrice (ex VAT – discounted for 3 year contract)

Content Group Embeds

Efficiently and easily showcase your facilities by embedding Vepple-hosted 360 panoramas on your website in neat, topic-based groups.

Number of groupsPrice (ex VAT – discounted for 3 year contract)

Frequently Asked Questions

Universities traditionally rely on their websites to provide essential information like course details, faculty bios, and admission requirements. However, in today’s digital age, where prospective students are increasingly seeking immersive and engaging experiences, traditional websites often fall short. This is where a virtual experience platform like Vepple becomes indispensable.

Enhancing In-Person Visits with Digital Experiences

  1. Pre-Visit Engagement: Vepple can enhance the effectiveness of in-person open days by serving as a preliminary touchpoint. Prospective students can explore campuses virtually before deciding which universities to visit, making their in-person experiences more focused and intentional.

  2. Interactive Engagement: Unlike static websites, Vepple allows users to interact with the content, offering 360-degree tours, video testimonials, and real-time Q&A sessions. This level of interactivity not only engages students but also complements the in-person visit by providing a continuous digital narrative that aligns with the physical experience.

  3. Personalized Journeys: Through Vepple, visitors can customize their exploration based on their interests, which helps them identify what specific aspects of a university they would like to explore more during open days, ensuring their in-person visit is well-targeted and maximally beneficial.

  4. Global Reach and Accessibility: For international students, or those from far distances, Vepple provides a detailed preview of what they can expect, helping them decide whether it’s worth the travel for an in-person visit, thus saving time and resources.

  5. Data-Driven Insights and Follow-Up: Post-visit, Vepple can continue to engage students by providing further information and personalized follow-ups based on their interactions during both the virtual and in-person experiences. This ongoing engagement helps in building a deeper connection between the student and the university.

As standard we offer the platform on a 3 year contract so that we can spread the overall cost to clients over those three years to make the annual amount something which our experience, and clients, tell us is affordable. For clients who do not wish to commit to a 3 year contract, we can offer both 1 and 2 year contracts – the package prices will be subject to a 15% or 10% (respectively) surcharge. 

At the end of the initial three-year term, Vepple operates on a licensing model rather than a purchase model. This means that the software and services are available through a renewable license. You do not own the software outright; instead, you have the option to renew your license for continued access and support, or you may choose to let the contract expire. Renewing your license allows you to benefit from ongoing updates, enhancements, and customer support, ensuring that your virtual experience platform remains state-of-the-art.

Yes, you can upgrade your package level at any point during the contract. If you choose to upgrade, the additional fee will be prorated based on the remaining duration of your current contract. This allows you to easily and cost-effectively increase your access to additional features and services as your needs evolve, ensuring that Vepple continues to meet the dynamic requirements of your institution.

No, we have made the pricing as transparent as we can for each package so you know what you will receive as part of this. We do offer a range of paid bolt-ons for clients who need that little extra support in getting set up – more details can be found on our Onboarding and Support page or our Client Services team will be happy to discuss options with you.

To facilitate the smooth procurement of Vepple, we provide a pre-written business case that outlines the benefits and unique capabilities of our platform. Additionally, we offer comprehensive information to help with the single-supplier waiver process. This support is designed to streamline your procurement procedures, ensuring that you can efficiently justify the choice of Vepple as a preferred vendor and expedite the approval process within your organisation.

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